So long EFNet !

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Since some asshole Trancer aka Roeland Nieuwenhuis came bitching about my (harmles) bots I decided that we would move immediately to another network. Especially because I don’t like to be told what to do and what not to do by dipshits - especially dipshits from holland - on a power trip and to avoid similar complaints on different networks we created our own IRC network : VlekkemNET

to be reached on irc.vlekkem.org:6667 and apsjaar.verbelen.org:6665

Just for the fun of it we are running the same server software as EFNet :)

webchat via
- http://www.vlekkem.org/cgi-bin/irc/irc.cgi
- https://apsjaar.verbelen.org (encrypted)

Have fun

BTW Trancer you are welcome to join #germaine on our network to get klined ;)


Comment posting

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Since the comment posting option on the news section was only used by spammers, I have removed the respective php page that does the posting. If you have to say something, do it on the forum !

sayonara spamz0rz


photoalbum improved

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database performance on photoalbum should be much better now, been doing some tweeking ;)


New connection

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yes - new connection - dedicated 2mbit leased line.
enjoy :)


New Hosting hardware

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Hello hello,

Server hardware to host this site has been upgraded from an old pizzabox sparcstation to a sun E250 dual cpu with mirrored disks and the lot, yay
Forum reponse times should be much better now. Oh yeah, we went from from severe underkill (64mB ram) to overkill (1Gig) as well :)

Have fun!


picture site moved

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Hey dudes,
picture site has moved to another server with more bandwidth, for wich thanks fly out to markske http://www.linux-netwerk.be.
a few more galleries have been added :)


have fun!



Hello world!

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Welcome to the new face of vlekkem.org :)

have a nice stay :)